301Steve Bron's TOYOtime Jetsprint Superboat
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Toyo Tires NZ are proud supporters of the TOYOtime Jetsprint Superboat.

For the first season out Steve and the Toyotime team have managed to attain a quite astounding position of 2NZ. More than any of the team imagined when we started back at round 1.

In addition to this Toyotime entered the World Championships. Bringing in competitors from as far afield as Canada. This brought an incredible caliber of machines and teams including the outrageous twin turbo boats from Australia. Even this didn't intimidate Steve and the Toyotime team with Steve attaining equal 5th. An amazing achievement.

So 2NZ, 5th in the world all in one season what else can we do? Well the Toyotime team has been recognized by the rest of the Jetsprint community at the annual awards night and was presented with the coveted 'Best Turned out Boat and Team Award'. Something we are phenomenally proud of.

We have learnt an incredible amount throughout the season and we know that 2013 we will be able to really push for the NZ title and will be looking to enter and be competitive in the next World Championship.

Steve Bron TOYOtime


300Action at the ITM Hamilton 400
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ITM Hamilton 400

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50Toyo Tires NZ are proud to support Gaz Whiter
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Toyo Tires NZ are proud to support Gaz as he defends the D1NZ Drift Championship title that he won in 2011.

With the challenge out to draw new young spectators, drifting is taking on circuit racing head to head for spectator support and loyalty.
With this in mind, during 2013 Toyo Tires NZ will proudly sponsor Gaz Whiter in his Nissan Silvia S14. This exciting young 28 year old builder, in his 8th drift season, is the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 D1NZ Drift Champion. He is also the first person to win back to back to back D1NZ Championship Titles.

Gaz Whiter and Toyo Tires have not stopped there! Gaz also won the 2010 NZ Drift Nationals and looks set to show his and Toyo Tires dominance in the ultimate test of driver and Tires throughout 2013.

Fully maintained by Gaz's father Tony, the Silvia S14 runs a Chevy LS2 race engine putting out over 400kw at the wheel. For the 2013 season Gaz has fitted Toyo 265/35R18 Toyo Tires on the rear and 235/40R18 Toyo Tires on the front, which he says have given him more feedback and control than any other tyre he has competed on.

Gaz Whiter Silver S14


40Toyo Tires supported BMW E30 Series
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Toyo Tires supported BMW E30 Series.

In 2006 the brand new BMW E30 race series commenced with 3 successful events.
The key objective of the series is to have a series where skill and affordability are paramount. The focus is on having cars as equal as possible rather than having modifications which alter the cars performance.

The drivers’ race craft has therefore become the major factor in winning events. As an important part of developing the cars equality, the promoters decided to go with one control tyre brand, choosing Toyo Tires due to its performance and affordability.

The promoters of the series did not want to “re-invent the wheel”, so they relied on the experience of the Miltek BMW challenge series run in the UK since 2005. The initial NZ series specifications were loosely based on the similar series run in both the UK and the US.

The E30 class is for BMW E30 series cars running either 1.8 litre four cylinder or 2.0 litre six cylinder engines, and manufactured between 1984 and 1991. The objective is to run a series which will provide close racing based primarily on driver skill, due to the performance similarities of the race cars. The intention is to create a car that is as safe as possible, fun to drive, and yet remain as close to standard as possible.


35Toyo Tires continues to support the Mazda Pro7 Race Series
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Toyo Tires continues to support the Mazda Pro7 Race Series

Mazda Pro 7 Racing

Toyo Tires has earned its place in the history books by being one of the longest continuing sponsors of a Sanctioned Series category and going into the 2011-2012 season, will record 14 years of naming rights sponsorship under the Pro7 banner.

The tyre of choice for Pro7s is the renowned Proxes R888 dot rated (road legal) tyre. Written testimony reveals that the Proxes R888 out-performs 5 other tested brands in all-weather performance and durability.
To provide a drivers championship, Pro7 racing maintains a controlled rulebook which limits modification to the three models of Mazda RX7 production cars that are eligible to compete.

The now classic Series One RX7 provides an entry level opportunity to those who are starting out while also providing a low cost form of motor racing to many who remain hooked on this now collectable car. For the career driver who is looking to further their motor sport interest, the later Series 4 and Series 6 Batmobile models offer an elevated level of sophistication in both driving experience and car set-up.

Unique in its career path concept, Pro7 survives on a continual intake of “new to motor sport” enthusiasts, yet boasts one of the highest retention rates in the sport. Racing during the summer months takes place at all circuits throughout the country with awards to drivers in their respective class. Many of NZ’s high profile National drivers have graduated from Pro7 racing.



11Proxes R888
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Street legal track tyre

The competition radial, Toyo Proxes R888 has been developed to deliver maximum dry handling and quick lap time for the race events, such as competition or “Track day” events.

With its unique and functional tread design, Proxes R888 is a key to the success of winning competitions.

The Proxes R888 has a low-void ratio for minimised tread squirm on dry tracks. The new groove design optimises water drainage from the contact patch, while the round tread shoulders allow for progressive turn-in.