Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive and put the answers here.

Common Questions

  • How do I know which tyres are right for me?
    First, return to the Homepage of this website and choose whether you want to know about Car, Commercial or SUV tyres. You’ll then find lists of the various tyres in the Toyo Tires range, complete with a description of what each one is designed for, and the sizes it’s available in.

    Alternatively, call our team on (07) 847 5189, for a free full-colour brochure, or talk to your local Toyo Dealer.
  • Where can I find a Toyo Tires dealer?
    We have carefully picked some Toyo Dealers spread throughout the country. To find the one nearest you, click on Find a Dealer, and look up the region and town you live in.
  • I want to fit lower profile tyres to my car because I’m changing my alloy wheels from 15in to 17in - how can I find the right size?
    Toyo’s Tyre Size Convertor can help you out here. When fitting a different sized tyre, you need the overall diameter to remain the same - simply look for your standard tyre size on our easy-to-use convertor, and it will list the various sizes you can swap to.

    However, always check that a wider than standard tyre will fit inside your wheel arches - the only surefire way to do this is to get a tyre fitted to a wheel and try them back and front to ensure they don’t catch on the wheel arches, inner wings, or suspension components.
  • I’m fitting low-profile tyres to my car - what should the tyre pressures be?
    That depends on what profile you are fitting, but generally the pressures will be higher than those for your standard-fit tyres.

    Your local approved Toyo Tyre dealer will be able to tell you what the pressures should be; it’s vital you get this right, because running with low pressures will alter the handling characteristics of your car, and damage the tyre itself.

    It’s important that you also talk to your Toyo dealer about how reducing your tyre profile affects the load carrying capacity of the tyre.

    As the profile of a tyre gets lower, so does its Load Index - the amount of weight it can support - and that can mean as much as 100kg difference between the standard tyre and an aftermarket fitment. In extreme circumstances this might result in a set of low-profile tyres being unable to sustain the weight of a fully-laden car; this is illegal and dangerous, and will also damage your tyres.

    So never take chances, always consult your Toyo Tyre dealer for expert advice before shelling out for low profile tyres.
  • Is there anything else I need to know about fitting lower profile tyres?
    There certainly is. Ideally the load capacity of the low profile tyre should match that of the original, otherwise it could overheat, causing bad and uneven tyre wear, and potentially even a blow-out.

    To find your tyre’s load rating you’ll need to look for a special number on the sidewall - our "The Writing’s on the Wall" feature will show you how to do that. The same applies for your tyre's speed rating, which tells you the maximum sustained speed of which the tyre is capable.

    Tyre pressures will need adjusting, too; your local Toyo Dealer will be able to tell you what pressure is right for your car.
  • Does Toyo Tires have a warranty?
    Yes, it’s 5 years manufacturing and materials warranty.
  • How long will my tyres last?
    All Toyo Tires products are specifically designed to have a long life, but saying precisely how long is next to impossible.

    It depends on where you drive, your driving style and speed, if the tyre pressures are correct, and if your car’s tracking is correctly set-up.

    If you’re concerned about the rate of wear of your Toyo Tires, take them along to a Toyo Dealer for professional inspection.
  • I’ve been told that mixing and matching my tyres is a bad thing - is that true?
    Certainly is. Different types of tyre behave in different ways, and in extreme circumstances that can upset the handling of your car.

    Different tread depths from side to side is also a bad idea.
  • Can I repair a punctured tyre?
    It is possible to repair punctured tyres, but it depends on where the puncture is and how bad it is.

    Your local Toyo Dealer will be able to give you an on-the-spot decision about whether your tyre is repairable - do bear in mind that some types of repair can be done only at specialist centres, so your tyre might have to be sent away.
  • Is there anywhere I can get simple-to-understand advice on how to look after my tyres properly?
    Regular tyre care is essential to the safety of you and your family, as well as for other road users.

    By clicking on our Tyre Safety feature you’ll find vital advice on what to do and what to look out for.